by A New Hope

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Humanity is sick and I see no cure!
Love & Lose 02:42
All logic dies when I see you smile… In moments like this nothing counts but heart! Your eyes so bright… If I don’t fight, I will always feel sad when I see their light. This feeling of weakness is killing me! Bein’ by your side is where I wanna be. In this battle weapons don’t matter… My heart is in your hands. When I fight you, it shatters! I could make you so happy, believe it or not… I would never hurt you. I would never break your heart. If you took my hand, I would be the happiest man and hold yours till the end! You said you couldn’t imagine that this would ever happen. Girl, I’m on my knees, beggin’… Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want your pity in this mess… But I want a chance to make you the happiest little princess! From my heart I write these lines. Don’t know, why I do. These last words are the most important, couldn’t be more true! I tell you, girl, and hope, you’ll listen… I love you!
Broken 03:04
I'm just a boy, trying to do his best. Maybe I'll never be the man, who can give you what you need... I'll never be, for sure! But it's time to stop thinking about you. Otherwise my soul will never rest! I know something you don't know and that is... You don't know me at all! I will catch you when you fall. But you will never be able to see! Feelings that were buried years ago... they're still alive, coming to haunt me again. I feel weak, I feel so fucking broken Unable to see this grateful glow! Never looking into your eyes and tell you about my feelings... never again! Let me hold you, let me kiss you, Please, let me forget you!
This Life 03:56
I'm sitting, I'm thinking, I'm writing shit to make my thoughts fit with the hits, that life gives. make my thoughts fit with the hits, that life gives. This bitch called life, I would never make my wife. But she always surrounds me, fucking ready to drown me. You want to yell: "Go, fuck you!" She whispers: "Good luck." and knows, what is up. While you don't have a clue. One wrong step could end up worse than death. Welcome to my world. It's brimfully filled with fools. And I'm gonna tell you something: You're caught in that shit, too! "Fuck yourself!", I told myself This can't be the road you keep walking. You need to fucking do something else than constantly keep on shit-talking. Look at the youth of today... It's a fucking joke! Even if my own philosophy broke I'm so glad to have given you hope. While the others are drinking I'm sitting here thinking. They don't know that they're sinking but I don't care.
Just Quit! 05:02
I don't need to be a perfect man. For me, I am alright. This is just the way I am. With a smile I kiss your doubts goodnight. The love to myself gives me wings, crashing through your view of things, flying far above of you, 'cause my soul is pure and true! Your selfishness, huge as a wall, is blocking your view. So you cannot see and learn from what the good ones do! You have to look closely. They aren’t many, they aren’t tall. Some of them hide and some of them fall. It’s hard to be an angel, when you can’t walk through the door, ‘cause your wings get stuck. What shall they do without you, when trouble is up?! Don't change the world, ‘cause you can't! There are many, single people, you can’t stand. Start at yourself... you are one of them, brother. Fucking the world up and fucking each other... Sick of it? Then just quit! If you hit someone, he’s gonna’ slit someone. And the one without a gun will soon be none! What’s the difference between bashing someone’s face and bashing someone’s feelings? - Emotional pain will be growing, before it will be healing.
Crisis 02:18


released May 22, 2014


all rights reserved



A New Hope Coswig, Germany

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